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Are you thinking of traveling to St Lucia?

October 8, 2015 | Comment

We are a Caribbean travel agency emphasizing the resorts and hotels of the island of St Lucia because of our “local knowledge.” We have personally visited each and every St Lucia hotel and resort included in this site. And, we often are personally acquainted with the key management persons from each property.

Hopefully, we have included sufficient information regarding each hotel and resort on this web site, but inevitably questions will remain. Thus, we include a contact page which allows you to send your questions directly to us, and we will promptly respond and give our best answers to your questions about St Lucia and her many splendid but varied hotels and resorts.

“Local Knowledge” is a concept that comes to us from the world of the sailor. The sailor uses maps, charts, electronic navigational aids, etc., but “local knowledge” is always the surest and most reliable information. Perhaps the chart shows a navigational buoy marking a harbor entrance, but the “locals” know that last month’s storm moved the buoy 100 meters off its designated position. The concept also pertains to other useful information such as the best store to purchase provisions, the place to go for mending a sail, and which bar serves the best rum punch.

We have borrowed the concept to apply to vacation travel on St Lucia. The prospective St Lucia traveler is also in need of “local knowledge” in order to make wise decisions about accommodations, airlines, things to do, etc. Thus, this website is dedicated to providing such knowledge as an aid to the traveler and to provide assistance in putting together the complete package of travel plans to make your holiday the experience of a lifetime.

We are  Americans from the cold north of Minnesota. We first visited the Caribbean in 1983 when we spent a week in Jamaica. We returned to Martinique in 1985, and our Caribbean adventures began in earnest in 1986 when we purchased a 51′ sloop which we named “The Chaser”. With our three kids, we explored much of the Caribbean including the Virgin Islands, St Maarten and Anguilla, and the Windward Islands from Martinique to Grenada. But, we became landlubbers following our purchase of a villa on St Lucia in 1991. Over the years, we have come to know and to love St Lucia and her people, and we have acquired some “local knowledge” of St Lucia along the way.

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