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Chiang Mai property: a brief overview

What do you do if, like me, you convince yourself that you actually like the countryside, like all the hard work that goes with it and then find that no, you can’t actually be bothered with it any more and that in an ideal world all the horses and the pony would be sold and you could quite happily imagine yourself living in a penthouse flat overlooking the sea (south coast not north – too nippy), popping up to London for a bit of retail therapy, a lot of pampering at The Spa and a little harmless flirting with the man at the corner table of the trendy restaurant who sends over a bottle of champagne? (Naff I know but who says no to free champagne?). What about buying a villa in Chiang Mai region. Fazwaz list the best opportunities at https://www.fazwaz.com/thailand/chiangmai-villa-for-sale. Then you wake to reality with a sharp jolt and realise that you are outnumbered by a husband (bless him) who, although he doesn’t ride, is passionate about his horses and a daughter who would marry her horses if she could. More about these two later.

For more years that I care to admit to we, as a family, have been on the “showing” circuit with our ponies and more latterly our horses, dragging ourselves out of bed at quite ungracious hours of the morning, all in the vainglorious pursuit of a red rosette and a qualifying card. And for what reward? Virtually nothing as I have yet to meet anyone (that is anyone honest enough to admit that they don’t make any money out of horses) who make a profit/living from this “hobby”. OK, you have all the producers and the semi-professionals who seem to suffer from dreadful withdrawal symptoms if they cannot say they were at a particular show on a particular date and that their “stunning” animal (and by “their” I mean some animal owned by some gullible person with stars in their eyes who has been persuaded to part with vast amounts of cash at regular intervals by this canny individual for the promises of glittering prizes/successes to come) swept the board and has been sold to someone even more mega-rich and, in the case of childrens’ ponies, just buying success for their spoilt little son/daughter, who allegedly waived an open cheque book and simply begged to be allowed to purchase the animal, but on the whole we amateurs do it for love, fun, masochism and the occasional bit of one-upmanship and therefore the following may make familiar reading for some.

So we come to this new year all hopeful (again) that this is going to be our year, that our horse is going to be “the one” and that we are now knowledgeable enough of the politics of the show circuit to avoid the judges.

How Does Anxiety Affect My Physical Health?

There are several precautions we could take daily to have a proper life. Using the advance of modern medicine, there are plenty of methods of yearly health screenings to trap early indications of disease. Create annual physical health visits which means that your physician offers the necessary interventions. One example is, if you’re having diet troubles, ask a nutritionist to help you to find healthy substitutes that could suit your cravings. Set reasonable goals. In the event you overestimate your capability to diet or exercise, you’ll be disappointed if you fail. In spite of how old a person is or what type of diet and exercise pattern he / she follows, it’s entirely possible that that individual to help make adjustments and improve health. People that have diabetes should avoid sugary foods for instance doughnuts as much as possible. Doughnuts are constructed with white flour, a very simple carbohydrate. In addition to that, they contain many sugar. As a result them a highly refined, highly processed product. The soluble fiber in muscadine grapes delays gastric emptying, that helps you feel fuller longer. Eating muscadines — or another fresh fruits — when you crave something sweet can also help you avoid high-calorie treats laden with added sugars.

Exercising and maintaining a healthy diet foods can extend your life consequently making you feel good. Eating healthy foods and exercising regularly are challenges for up to everyone. Choose vegetables when your sandwich or salad toppings rather than high-fat meats, for example bacon, and fat condiments, like mayonnaise. Select banana peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, tomato, green peppers and onions as healthy additions to your meal. Tilapia is a great protein source which fits in the “protein foods” group in MyPlate and it is a nutritious choice for several reasons. Like many other seafood, tilapia contains some unsaturated fat, calcium and a great deal of protein. Fortified cereals are the best way to get B vitamins. With good nutrition and healthy diet plan, you may be on your journey to boosting your everyday mental health and well-being. The peanuts included in organic peanut butter can’t be grown with pesticides or the fungicides commonly used in growing peanuts, so switching from conventional to organic peanut butter will lower your exposure to pesticide residues as announced previously by http://www.homezero.eu/. Tortillas is often eaten in the morning, lunch and dinner. Tacos, enchiladas, burritos, wraps and chips are typically known foods made with tortillas. Corn and flour tortillas may be healthy to have on a regular basis, depending on how they are really prepared.

Store them from the refrigerator or freeze them for long-term storage. Soy foods could also provide some many benefits, for instance potentially cutting your risk for heart disease, osteoporosis and cancer. Protein is next in line with regards to processing speed, and fats are slowest to digest. Very active people need greater levels of certain macronutrients than people who are sedentary. A lot more you consume, the much more likely this is to take place. In sufficient quantities, hot pepper can trigger an attack in asthma sufferers by causing air passages to spasm. This may be potentially dangerous for those who don?t come with an inhaler or medication nearby. Anxiety, stress, phobias, fears and worry can all affect your overall health. Every one of these conditions enhance your body’s requirement for b vitamin complex, especially pantothenic acid, which plays a crucial role in producing anti-stress hormones.

Although sodium is critical to sustain human life, consuming a lot of or too little salt can have negative health side-effects. woman salting her pizza The overconsumption of salt has started to become increasingly common during the American diet, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The corporation notes that vegetarians, generally, have lower bad cholesterol reducing hypertension, which leads to lower risk of death from chronic disease. Grain products — cereals, breads, pasta — containing the phrase “whole” when the first ingredient include the most nutritious options. Lay out breakfast ingredients the evening before to save lots of time, and help your sons or daughters make on-the-go breakfast items, for example smoothies. Colorado State University reports the recommended consumption of dietary fiber for adults is 14 grams per 1,000 calories. According to a 2,000-calorie-per-day diet, 100 grams of kimchi will give a tad bit more than 7 percent on the daily recommended importance of dietary fiber. To better the nutritional quality of your recovery breakfast without adding foods that may have you feeling queasy, try adding a little bit applesauce or banana, because these foods are usually easy in the stomach. Eat healthfully before your child to set a very good example.

A New Era of Digital Transcription

Transcription means converting audio files into a format that is readable by all. It could either be in a word file or in a printed form. Earlier, people resorted to analog recording of conferences, interviews, meetings, discussions and other events. And they used cassettes and VHS tapes to do the recording. But when everything was digitized and computerized, people began to resort to digital recording. When an event is recorded, you have a number of choices and you can save it as an Mp3, WAV, AU or VMA file. Usually, these are the most favorable choices for audio recording. Once the transcription is completed, the files are stored in a word document and saved for future reference. It is this recording that is taken for digital transcription.

Some of the areas where digital transcription is done are:

– Medical industry

– Court offices

– Construction companies

– Entertainment and media

Large audio files are divided into subsections and then distributed among different transcriptionists so that the work will be done faster. When you hire a transcriptionist to get your file transcribed you need to inform him on just what kind of transcription you need done. Some people require verbatim transcription by not leaving out anything the speaker said during the function. Every sound made by the speaker is recorded and then noted. In edited transcription everything the speaker mentioned will be transcribed, but not the other sounds. In concise or summary transcription, only the main points are covered.

Digital transcription of audio recording is accurately done when there are no disturbing noises in the background. When an audio of an event is recorded, the transcriptionist should be aware of the number of speakers. The speaker’s name and line of business should be mentioned in clear tones so the transcriptionist will immediately understand when a new speaker comes on stage. This is more applicable when group discussions, classroom sessions, conferences and seminars are conducted. So you should know that when a recording is done, it is not a solo recording endeavor, it is something that involves a number of people. Their expertise matters a lot and the combined effort of all these people will make an audio recording that is clear, accurate and devoid of any misleading sounds.

So it will be a wise decision if you hire a team of professional experts to do the job for you. Transcription companies provides exceptionally brilliant and highly accurate results when it comes to digital transcription. They provide good service at competitive rates and will never let you down. Once the event/meeting/seminar is over, you can e-mail the audio file and get the team to start work on the transcription process.

Popularity of MP3 to Text Conversion

Transcription of mp3 files to text format has gained popularity these days. It helps an organization to know and document every detail of a meeting, talk show, discussion, interview or program. The mp3 to text transcription process has surpassed geographical boundaries with the availability of translation facilities all over the world.

In transcription it’s important that the transcriptionist recognizes the essence of the text he is transcribing. Companies outsource their transcription work to firms outside their realm. The person who is not familiar with the topic may not be able to grasp what is being said. There might be homonyms which could be confusing to the transcriptionist if he is not familiar with the topic. Words like ‘you are in’ and ‘urine’ sound almost the same. Similarly words like ‘to’, ‘too’, two’, ‘be’, ‘bee’, the list could go on. This is why a machine can not do this with 100% accuracy rate. At the same time the transcriptionist should be able to think and decide what is relevant to the topic before transcribing the content from the audio files.

There are several types of transcription that is rampantly used in the industry. Some companies require the transcribing to be done without eliminating a single emotion, pause, exclamations or period. Some companies however specify that they need to capture the essence of the content and the transcriber has to clean out whats not needed.

A person who is looking forward to listen into an mp3 format and create a text file should have some outstanding qualities. He should have a clean ear for detecting pronunciations, intonations and tone. He should have some basic knowledge of the topic he is about to transcribe. Good typing skills will be an added advantage for the transcriptionist. He should be equipped with the foot pedal and headset in order to work swiftly. The transcriptionist should be able to distinguish the speaker’s voice among several other people’s voice and other disturbances. There might be factors causing hindrance to the quality of the speech, the transcriptionist should be able counter it and work successfully.

Transcribing mp3 to text file, sometimes requires a bit of proofreading and editing. There are companies that ask the transcribers to finish the unfinished thoughts of the speaker in the audio file and edit out the grammatical mistakes in the speech.

So, if you want to get any kind of MP3 to text transcription on the internet, you can seek the help of online services.

How to decorate your dining table with paper placemats?

In the current world in which we live, the origin of anything is dependent upon the past cultural experience. So, when you have paper placemats as a form of decoration for your dining table, you would see that the origin of this particular idea was in the land of China. Yes, this was a country that was predominant with bamboo and all the other wooden products. So, it was very easy for them to make people placemats and keep it as a form of decorative underlining in the table. It not only helped them to prevent the spillage of food, but also ensured that the longevity of the table would be secured.

The experience of using paper placemats on the table:

For many, the experience of using paper placemats on the dining table can be surreal. Yes, although it may not look to be a very important factor, but then it has a certain intrinsic value that can definitely help you to understand why the paper placemats have been able to make its way into most of the five-star restaurants and also into houses that have a certain taste and style incorporated within their understanding.

Just like any other simple design, there is an intrinsic of the that you can find with the paper placemats, and more often than not, it is such kind of simplistic inventions that want to rule the world. The paper placemats have definitely made its way into a variety of hotels, and with its colorful design, intrinsic and sculpted pattern, it has been able to make waves that certainly evolves beyond boundaries. It will be able to save the people hosting the event a lot of time when it comes to cleaning the table as well as protecting it from any kind of oil spill.

Of course, then I want to be certain detractors to the use of paper placemats. Yes, many people would say that it may look tacky, but then any new thing that you incorporate into your house will come across a lot of criticism. It is only after people start to appreciate it that you would find yourself feeling grateful that you have included such a product. The same holds good even for people placemats in your dining table. You will see that these look extremely good and also provide a certain kind of sophistication to your house and enhance its aesthetic appeal.

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How the Internet can help you select the perfect discount party supplies online?

Have you heard about Internet shopping? Well, until and unless you are from a country that does not have any kind of access to the outside world, you have definitely heard of it. So, the Internet is not only a good way for you to purchase things, but also helps you to get a lot of good products for simple discount. Most of the time, the discounts are provided to you without you having to ask for it. However, if you’re looking to establish a good relationship with that particular website, having a long lasting relationship is a supplier, then it is very important for you to look into purchasing in bulk.

If you are a party planner, then looking to purchase in bulk from the website is a good way for you to save a lot of money. So, you have discount party supplies online that comes with a very rich inventory. What this means is that you will be able to select a lot more products, and the enthralling factor is that you would get them at a better discount than what the normal detail of this will be able to provide to you. However, since the delivery is not immediate, but mostly happens within 24 to 48 hours, you would need to plan at least a day or two in advance.

So, what is the kind of discount party supplies online would you be looking at? Well, you have the time-tested ribbons, the table napkins, as well as the tablecloths and all the glimmering lights and Chinese lanterns to be a staple factor. However, there are a lot more products than what you could have originally envisioned in your need to purchase excellent party supplies. So, if you’re looking out for the best product in the market, then you need to always put an emphasis on purchasing from somewhere that you are comfortable with. Until and unless you come up with a lot more ideas to your life, it is very important for you to have a look into the beautiful and glimmering shine of the party supplies, and make do with whatever you have at your doorstep. This is how you would need to put forward the legacy of the party supplies, without having to worry about any kind of issues or any further wonderment of any sort. So, go ahead and host your party with discount party supplies online.

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Cheap Christmas Holiday Gift Sets Under $50

Christmas is just a few weeks away and we are all busy looking at our budgets for buying gifts for our near and dear ones. In this article, we will share with you some cheap Christmas holiday gift sets under $50 that will fetch appreciation from the recipient and take care of your budget as well.

Birder’s Journal, Genuine Goatskin Leather, 6″

If your friend loves bird watching, this Christmas gift under $50 will make him jump with joy. He can carry this birder’s journal on all his bird watching excursions and note down the details like a bird’s habitat, weather, and other relevant observations. The journal is made of Ivory paper where you can sketch as well, this is a perfect gift for any bird lover.


Genuine Full-Grain Goatskin Leather Cover with 160 entry and sketch pages.

keep track of habitat, weather, and observations.

Measures 4-3/8″ x 6″

America National Parks and Destination Guide, Genuine Goatskin Leather, 6″

If you are thinking of presenting something to someone who loves traveling during his Christmas vacation, then go for this awesome guide called America National Parks and Destination Guide. The exhaustive guide is a ready reckoner for any traveler in America. It focuses on leisure travel and outdoor activities in the U.S. and emphasizes on U.S. National Parks, State Parks, National Forests, Indian Reservations, important recreation and resort areas, historic sites and the most visited places in America. This is a timeless Christmas gift under $50.


Genuine Goatskin Leather Cover with 320 Cream-white acid-free paper with gilt edges.

Explores the history and beauty of the United States through the eyes of a map.

Double-faced cream ribbon marker.

Smyth sewn for strength, longevity and open-ability.

Measures 4-3/8″ x 6″

2011 Pocket Datebook Journal, Genuine Calfskin Leather, 6″

A sensible Christmas gift under $50, this personal pocket journal provides month-at-a-view and week-at-a-view pages in one book. Made of original calfskin leather, this 3-18″ x 6″ journal looks classy and very official. It has calendar & appointment pages for quick look-ups and references during stressful hours at work.


2011 Genuine Leather Datebook with 168 Cream-white pages with gilt edges.

156 calendar, appointment and resource pages in two colors, 12 map pages in full color.

Previous, current and next year’s calendars

Week-at-a-view and Month-at-a-view appointment pages.

Double-faced cream satin ribbon marker.

Smyth sewn for strength, longevity and easy referencing.

Size: 3 1/8″ x 6″, 168 pages

Christmas is one time of the year when we try to give the best to our friends and colleagues. Either choose from the ones cited above or visit factorydirectparty.com and look for more really beautiful and elegant holiday gift sets and other cheap party supplies under their price specific pages.

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Bipolar Depression and High Blood Pressure

Researchers at Michigan State University have released results from a study that shows a link between manic bipolar disorder and high blood pressure. Most of them used Omron BP785 blood pressure monitor to check their blood pressure. The study found that of the patients hospitalized with bipolar disorder, nearly half suffered from high blood pressure. Also noted was that the younger the person who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, the greater their chances were of developing high blood pressure. The study – led by Dale D’Mello, a psychiatrist at Michigan State University – took data from 99 patients who were hospitalized for bipolar disorder. Connections between mental disorders and cardio-metabolic conditions – such as diabetes and heart disease – have already been established, and the new research could lead to more improved treatments now that a link to high blood pressure has been established. Bipolar disorder, often referred to as manic-depressive disorder, results in mood swings in patients ranging from depression to mania, or mental hyperactivity. The study also showed that bipolar patients who suffer from high blood pressure developed higher levels of mania which is an even tougher condition to manage.

The data analyzed in the study showed that patients suffering from bipolar disorder were 45% more likely to have high blood pressure then 30.5% in general population. Of the 99 patients assessed between 2002 and 2006, about half of the patients were males with a mean blood pressure of 137 / 83 mm Hgg, and a body mass index BMI of 30. Also to be noted was that there was a high number of smokers in the study and that 37% of the patients were obese. According to D’Mello:

“Our study suggests the possibility of a link between bipolar and hypertension.”While the data does suggest a link between bipolar disorder and high blood pressure, the underlying cause of the association is uncertain. D’Mello did note “there were many confounding factors we didn’t control for in this study.” Certain antipsychotic drugs that patients could have been taking earlier in their lives have been found to lead to metabolic syndrome, and therefore may play a part in the development of high blood pressure. The study does provide hope – if bipolar disease does in fact increase the likelihood of developing high blood pressure, they could come up with newer, safer treatments for bipolar patients.

D’Mello concluded:

As psychiatrists we have the opportunity to manage and perhaps prevent a physical disorder.

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Grow Tall Naturally – 5 tips to Increase Your Height

Most people are not happy with their current height and are therefore relentlessly searching for ways to increase their height. Unfortunately, there are many ways which entail the use of chemicals to increase height than there are natural methods. Most of these pills that claim to increase your height in weeks are scam and actually achieve nothing. Obviously, most people would prefer natural methods as they have no health side effects associated with them. Naturally, men will become stagnant in their height from the age of 20 to 24 years while women will stop increasing in height a couples of years after their first menstruation. The following are tips that will help you increase your height even after you are passed the age of growing taller.

Eat the correct type of diet

Diet plays a very significant role in your height. In fact the diet is the most important tip of all the tips to increase one’s height. A diet rich in proteins and calcium helps when it comes to height because they strengthen the bones. A tall body is more likely to be heavier than a short body and therefore the need for strong bones to hold the body. Consumption of dairy products greatly helps as they are rich in calcium and zinc mineral ions which strengthen bones. There are certain foods that anyone who is interested in having a tall body should avoid. These include high sugar level foods as well as carbonated drinks. Carbonated drinks contain carbonic acid which eats away the bones making them weaker.

Have enough regular exercises

Frequent exercises facilitate in growing tall. Frequent exercises should be done on a daily basis. One needs to plan their time well so that they are able to have the exercises at the same time daily. If due to unavoidable circumstances you skip the exercises for a particular day make sure you make up for the exercises missed. The ideal time for each set of exercise should around 30 minutes and the exercises should entail a lot of stretching in order to increase height. The most common type of stretching exercises are hanging, sprinting as well as swimming. These exercises make the body muscles grow taller and hence an increase in height.

Have enough time for sleeping

Adequate sleep is vital in an attempt to grow taller. http://nationallibraryofnutrition.club Pituitary glands releases growth hormone which helps in growing tall. Research has found that these growth hormones increase several hours after falling asleep. As result, more growth hormones are released when one is asleep leading to more growth. The ideal time that one who is seeking to be tall should spend sleeping is 8-9 hours.

Maintain the right body posture

The right body posture helps people to grow taller faster. The right posture is having a straight back, shoulders back, chin up, chest outwards and face ahead. It is also advisable to sleep without a pillow or use a very thin pillow. This ensures the spinal cord is properly aligned. A proper posture maintains the length of the spinal cord making you feel and appear taller.

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The Avoidable Curse of Student Loans

My middle daughter came home in the 9th grade, crying because her teacher was unhappy with her. Why was the teacher unhappy? Because my 14-year-old daughter did not know what she what she planned to major in when she went to college. What the heck? I was (at the time) 38-years-old and didn’t know what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. How on earth is a 14-year-old supposed to know that?

Three years later she came home angry (progress, I think) because her counselor was pushing her towards a $38,000 a year college, rather than the $11,000 a year college that she had chosen. Because she felt that her counselor was not terribly bright, she did the math for him. The $38,000 a year college had offered her an $18,000 a year scholarship, which was lovely but would still leave her with a bill of $20,000 a year, and thus a debt of $80,000 when she walked out of those hallowed halls. The college she had chosen, on the other hand, had offered her a mere $5,000 a year scholarship. But given the much cheaper tuition, this would leave her walking out of school with a mere $24,000 in debt. In the end, the counselor was disgruntled, and my daughter was flat-out pissed.

“Is he going to pay that bill for me?” she demanded.

I, being the wise mother that I am, hesitantly offered the opinion that he would not, in all probability, pay her student loan debt.

“Of course he’s not!” she fumed. “So why does he think he has the right to push me towards an education that is going to leave me $56,000 further in debt?!”

“I do not know,” I replied, and then sat back to listen to my intelligent, responsible daughter vent.

“Then he had the nerve to suggest that you and dad get a second mortgage on the house to help me pay for it! I reminded him that I had two sisters, and that you don’t make a lot of money. He said that it would be a good investment for you!”

At this point I should note that our daughters had been taught from a very early age that if they wanted a good college education, they had better do well enough in school to get some scholarship money. Simply put – dad and mom fell under the heading of – and this is being charitable – lower middle class. We made too much money to qualify for any sort of help – such as college grants – but way too little money to pay for three kids to go to college you could say we have bad credit and are seeking a loan. And I do not believe that any parent should be paying their children’s college debts until they are ready to retire. How the heck is that an investment for us?

Anyway – back to my daughter’s venting.

“You can’t believe how many of my friends are jumping into these high-dollar schools! And their parents aren’t any better off than you and dad! How the heck are they going to pay for that? Do they know something that I don’t?”

So here’s the thing. My daughter – much like her older sister, and her younger sister to follow – would have dearly loved to attend one of the more expensive colleges. Lovely campuses, smaller class sizes – and they could have lived in the dorms, rather than commuting to save some money. I could not, in all good conscience, encourage this. That money, the seemingly magical student loan, has to be repaid. I do not know why so many children and their parents alike do not seem to grasp that concept.

So now daughter #1 is 23. She, much like her younger sister, kept her student debt to an absolute dull roar. Most of her friends, on the other hand, did not. And now she’s seeing the benefit. Her friends are crying the ‘how the heck am I supposed to pay all that back?’ blues. Their four-year degrees, in many instances, do not qualify them for jobs that actually pay enough money to pay rent, car payment, insurance, groceries … and student loan bills.

Daughter #2 is in her third year of college. She is doing well, and learning a lot. One thing she has learned, from observing her big sister’s friends, is that she made the right decision when she chose to save some money on her education. And she still thinks her counselor was an idiot.

Daughter #3 enters college this fall. She had the same lousy counselor, whom she completely ignored. The big sisters have taught her well, and this time around, there was very little in the way of tears and trauma.

In the end, if your child is a hard worker, he or she will do well in the world no matter where they get that degree. Why make their transition into the real world more difficult by encouraging them to saddle themselves with astronomical student loans?

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